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School Management Software

School Management Software

School Management solution works with your current systems and leverages existing technology. It centralizes the data to learning and automates routing administrative modules. School Management Software service education's most flexible, very user-friendly and interactive scheduling function, thus meeting the communication and information needs of the entire school community in real time. And, it would be entirely simple for everyone to use.

School Management system is the total managements system imagined: the first truly scalable, windows-based School Management package with the power to revolutionize the way that schools are managed. School Management software is more than just another technology solution - it is an educational system that will improve the way school is managed.

Compared to some of the other school management software’s available in the market, Admin Supports has a wide range of features. School Management Software system makes it easy to communicate with all of the stakeholders that are included in the educational process : Administrator, Teachers, Students and parents. A teacher module is an integral part of the system. Teachers can easily generate reports, report submissions, access pertinent student information, collaborate with other educators or develop lesson plans from virtually anywhere. Parents can aware of school activities and view or be alerted to absences, grades assignments and school other events. Students on grades and receive assistance outside of classroom.

School Management System (SMS) provides a single secure database structure that organizes stores and retrieves real-time information. It is not just user-friendly, but is efficient and flexible as well and very intuitive and uses industry-standard Microsoft Windows® interface, that doesn't require a burdensome amount of staff training.

With Student module of the System, student can manual login, retrieve the detailed timetable events like subject, time and much more. By using the Student module, functions such as admission, attendance, grading, discipline and family information efficiently managed. Only once you enter the data and is instantly available in customizable reports. Imagine the possibilities! Data of your any student can be searched by just feeding in G.R. Number.

Educators can effortlessly view all accessible Student Records including parental information, disciplinary records, emergency contacts and more! Student photograph can be updated every year.

A single click is enough to make a student absent or present. It generates reports of every student's attendance reviewable at any time.

Core Modules

  • Student Attendance
  • Timetable
  • Examination
  • Multiple Dashboards
  • Courses and Batches
  • Human Resources
  • Student Admission
  • News Management
  • Inventory & Stock
  • User Management
  • Service Call & Maintenance
  • School/Event Calendar
  • Finance
  • Student Information
  • Employee/Teacher Login
  • Student/Parent Login
  • SMS Alerts
  • Messaging System

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