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A website is more than a piece of artwork, more than just a brochure of information, it is your front porch and main method of validation to the world. Anyone can build a website, but only a few can build the right website that does the right things and helps in the right ways.

Database Driven Website

A database-driven Web site combines a basic, static HTML "container" wrapped around records from an external database, which are loaded into a pre-set space within the page.By combining the power of today's databases with the Web's ability to distribute information, database-powered Web sites are a key driver of today's e-commerce revolution.Companies today are faced with an opportunity to transform their Web sites from collections of static, text-based information into dynamic business tools.

Database-driven pages offer some advanced capabilities, such as publishing data from corporate databases into Web pages and customizing a visitor's view of a site around their individual needs and preferences. A new generation of Web-based buying and selling tools is emerging, that will enable any industry to develop valuable new forms of one-on-one interaction with customers and suppliers.

Our experts will help you from the very first Internet steps such as, to register a domain name, web-hosting services for your site. WebSite design and E-Store, Submitings Your Site in search engines and development of the individual web site Promotion Program.

E-commerce Website

For thousands of prospective buyers that see your company on the Internet at the time your web site delivers the "first impression" of your company. We will make best Website design that will put cut above your competitors. Admin Supports is the ideal way to add e-commerce to your existing or new website. Portals Like online Shopping Cart, demonstrating products, including facility to virtually pick-up and keep products, auto calculation and online payment through Credit Card via Secured Services.

Do you already have a website and just want to maintain it in your own, like updating news section, members, contents, message board, etc. Basic idea is to convert a simple site (with database or without) in a more lucrative and easy way to update online yourself without paying the updating or maintenance charges.

Web Maintenance

Our maintenance programs ensure that your site is always current and your project stays within budget. Our standard program includes promotion to search engines and directories, content updates, re-design web pages, update images, and support via telephone and e-mail. We include all of the services you require in order to ensure both the short and long-term success of your Internet program.

Fresh websites get more traffic, don’t look old and help you communicate better with your members, clients & potential clients. We build a website maintenance plan into many of the websites we sell but we also maintain many websites that we did not create. Could your website use a quick update? Do you need something fixed?

We can provide regular updates beyond maintenance. We can clean up and maintain websites that We did not even create.

Web Marketing

Our mission is to advance our clients' brands, save their money and to increase efficiency of their presence in Internet. We provide full range of Internet marketing solutions - adjusted as much as possible to increase a flow of the users to your site.The Internet develops very quickly. Internet traffic is doubling every 100 days.

Without the professionally developed promotion program, your site will be lost among billion web pages. With so many choices for Web surfers, how can you possibly differentiate your Web site from the competition?

Admin Supports offers you the professional help in this problem. Admin Supports provides you with a full range of Internet Marketing services designed to get your Web site noticed, from developing and implementing your online marketing strategy to evaluating and tracking results. We offer very flexible service and our clients can buy pre-packaged solutions, to form packages independently or to order separate services.

Website Optimization

Admin Supports focuses specifically on how to succeed through Search Engine Optimization, and Promotion.

We specialize in web site promotion and registration. Using special techniques & with good experience we concentrate on internet PROMOTION techniques and search engine optimization tools aimed at getting you to the top of the search engines.

We position client's web sites at the top of search engines, targeting customers through specific search terms for your business.


ASP.NET is not limited to script languages, it allows you to make use of .NET languages like C#, J#, VB, etc. It allows developers to build very compelling applications by making use of Visual Studio, the development tool provided by Microsoft.

ASP.NET is purely server-side technology. It is built on a common language runtime that can be used on any Windows server to host powerful ASP.NET web sites and technologies.

PHP web development means developing websites and dynamic web pages using the versatile and capable server-side scripting language, PHP. It offers a plethora of benefits. Not only is it open-source but also feature-rich and has all the functionality that a proprietary or paid scripting language would offer.

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